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Why Home Automation Solution Is Right for You ?

Turn your home into a smart home theater!!!

We offer a truly intelligent smart home control system experience that makes your life safer and more enjoyable.

We offer smart home automation solutions that range from wired to wireless. Depending on the circumstances and constraints posed our technicians decide the type. Our smart home automation services are personalized and seamless.

Wired systems are particularly dependable since they do not rely on sensors that communicate via radio frequency.

There are only a few issues to be concerned about once a professional install’s a wired system. Controlling the lights, Wired Keypads can be used, and there is a large selection of designs of key pads to choose from. They are consistent and dependable. Wired keypads can be utilized for various rooms and lighting sequences once the proper wiring has been installed.

Installing home automation solutions is complex because it entails attaching sensors to low-voltage wires that run through walls, which necessarily requires the drilling of holes. Uninstalling a wired Smart Automation System is also difficult due to the fact that the cables cannot be removed. Reinstalling a wired system is nothing but a starting from scratch.

Quickly installed Because there is no digging or complicated wiring, installing equipment with a wireless home automation solutions system is simple. Wireless systems are typically self-installed, saving money on installation costs. Removable in a jiffy Wireless system equipment is relatively simple to remove because there are no wires to pull out of walls or specialists to contact to uninstall it. This is particularly advantageous for renters, who may transfer their automation systems to different living locations without risking damage to their rental apartments. Interference is a risk. Wireless home automation solutions systems are sensitive to interference, much as Wi-Fi sporadically disconnects or mobile phones can't detect signals. There are various reasons that might cause a sensor's radio frequency transmission to fail, whether the interference is electromagnetic through remote controls or power lines, or structural through walls or metal file cabinets.

Retro Fit:- Use a retrofit module Which is nothing but a module which has its own ranges like 1-channel, 2-channel, 3- channel etc.., including fan control , geysers control, and also a dimmer control, which can automate your home end -to- end and it is also easy to install, cost-effective, energy-efficient, and can control all the appliances over the internet. These modules or channels come behind your existing conventional switch boards, and as said without doing any rewiring or any wall damages for your existing plan or design we will be able to automate your appliances and many more.

Touch Panels:- Touch panels works with the same principle as of the retro fit automation. Here the automation module will be directly mounted to the touch panel. And there is no need for you to buy separate switch boards now, as it is touch panel boards, they give a very elegant aesthetic and beautiful look to your dream home. And they also come up with a wide range to choose from according to your room set up.

smart home automation
wired automation
wireless automation

hotel automation

Turn your hotel into a smart hotel with our home automation services. We offer smart home automation services that ensure comfort, high quality, and high-tech luxury.

Welcome to Avenue Cinemas Smart Hotel, where hospitality meets tomorrow's technology, where comfort, quality, and high-tech luxury come together under one roof. With Avenue Cinemas Smart hotel solution, we wish to provide hotels the ability to improve their customer service and happiness by using the power of Internet and IoT technology, as well as to differentiate themselves from today's traditional standards.

smart hotel automation

agriculture automation

A smart motor panel and the Smart Agriculture app comprise our Smart Agriculture Solution. You can easily install the motor panel and use the Avenue Cinemas Smart Agriculture app on your smartphone to control any motor in your farm.

Smart agriculture automation optimizes the food production process and improves the quality. It is a new tech innovation in traditional farming. Agricultural automation aims in reducing the labor cost for farmers.

smart agriculture automation

CCTV and Security

Monitor your whole house in your absence as well on your smartphone. We are here to make your lives more secure and accessible. Our home automation products are advanced that make everything automated and easy.

Smart door locks allow you to open and close the doors with your phone making it more secure. You can record your smart lock activities so that you can have a check on who entered & exited your home.

Video doors come with a stylish design and rich features. Video door phones are easy to install, allow voice-changing features, and more. It allows you to communicate with the visitor without being physically available at the door.

Smart CCTV And Security

Conference Room automation

Conference automation is installed to control the various aspects of a building in one easily managed system. It includes an automated HVAC system, security system, electrical, and other interrelated systems.

Conference Room Automation